Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Rolli's Steakhouse | Zurich

The number 1 steakhouse in Zurich - Rolli's Steakhouse

Our friend Jason brought us here to taste the famous Horse steak.

 Rolli's Steakhouse

 Menu Board

 We eat steak with beer

 The steaks are served with fries, three different kinds of dips and the "Hot Stone" where you cook your own steak.

 Horse steak

 My plate

They all ordered Horse steak, I ordered the Ostrich meat ;)

Juicy Ostrich meat

 Hot Stone

 Big fat fries

 Smile guys!

 All gone

 Satisfied customers
[L] John, Me & Sonny [R] Gel, Jason & Ny

The Horse steak is actually good but I love my super tender Ostrich meat.

I Recommend Rolli's for their good quality food and service.

Rolli's Steakhouse Oerlikon
Schaffhauserstrasse 352
8050 Zürich
Phone 044 3112880 

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