Monday, August 15, 2011

Olive Tree Chairs

Olive Tree Chairs

I just wished that they had these when we did our Studio blessing.. Planning an event is very stressful especially when choosing the right elements to bring in to your party, Chairs and tables for rent are the hardest since there are limited choices out there like the outdated Tiffany chairs and the cheap Mono Block types. We ended up with the Mono Block chairs that they dress up with white covering.

"Now available in Manila, are Ghost Chairs for rent that are affordable. Olive Tree Philtrade offers design chairs that will make a lasting impression in any venue. Give your special day that extra touch, by renting our ghost chairs and watch your set-up become wonderfully picturesque. It is versatile and will match any theme you can imagine. Whether it be a garden venue or a formal affair, you are definitely left with a stand-out conversation piece. We also offer other design chairs for retail and wholesale."

Our studio blessing set up

It would've been nicer if we used Olive Tree Chairs

Olive Tree Chairs
mobile: 0917-8664201

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