Friday, November 30, 2012

LEGO Hunting In Hong Kong

I heard that the highest concentration of collectible toys & LEGOs are at In's Point in Nathan Road.

As soon as my friends and I checked in our hotel, I left them and went on with my LEGO hunting.

Our Hotel is located in Tsim Sha Tsui and just adjacent to Nathan Road, so I decided to just walk going to In's Point.

After an hour of walking, window shopping and getting lost.. I finally found In's Point. It is just a few steps from Yau Ma Tei Station. 

 Should have taken the MTR from Tsim Sha Tsui Station to Yau Ma Tei

 Entrance to In's Point

All my exhaustion faded as I got to the 2nd floor. I was surrounded by toys, toys and lots of toys.  

 ComicCon Exclusive Captain Marvel Minifigure

 Starwars Minifigures 



 Toy Story Alien Candy Dispensers

 I got the whole set of LEGO Minifigures 8 from this shop

 Olympics Minifigures [ran out of the complete set]

Avengers be@rbricks

more photos after the jump..

 all Batman shop

Tempted to get these gold figures.

 Classic LEGO Spacemen Minifigures

 Boxed Classic LEGO sets

 more LEGO Minifigures 

 Japanese toys

 Sports action figures and memorabilia

 Complete set of Toy Story Minifigures

 walls of gashapons and Minifigures
 Bruce Lee action figures and memorabilia


 more KAWS

 I need these

Minifigures are sold individually.. so if you just want to collect the Minifigures without the playsets, this is the place to get them

You can build an army of Minifigures without spending a lot.

Minifigures heads, hands, accessories, weapons..etc.

 LEGO Book And Torches

 Star Wars!

 LEGO Architecture Build Sets

My first day LEGO Loot!

Set of Minifigures Series 8 - HK$ 350 | USD$ 45 | Php 1,840
Classic Spacemen Minifigures - HK$ 50 | USD$ 6.45 | Php 263 [each]
Vintage Minifigure Collection - HK$ 150 | USD$ 19 | Php 790
#9349 LEGO Education 22 Minifigures Set - HK$ 400 | USD$ 50 | Php 2,100
Toy Story Alien LEGO Clock - HK$ 140 | USD$ 18 | Php 736
LEGO X-Large Baseplate - HK$ 100 | USD$ 12 | Php 526 [each]

In's Point 現時點 Address
Wing Kiu Bldg, 530 Nathan Rd, Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, Hong Kong


  1. Hello Arnold,

    Lego addict here (too). Any advice on Lego shopping in HK.
    Is it better (cheaper) to just go to In's point than TRU stores?
    Opinion on prices and availability.
    Also, do they have the Stormtrooper minifig clock when you went there? Thanks!

    1. Hi Tamangtrip,

      Sorry late reply..
      Yes, they are way cheaper at In's Point.
      You really need to check out all the stores to compare prices.
      Yes, Stormtrooper clocks are available almost everywhere including City Super.


  2. Hi,

    May I ask which store has that big glass display case with individual Star Wars figs?


    1. Hi Tommi!

      Sorry late reply.. just starting to blog again.

      I forgot to get the stall number but its on the 2nd floor of In's Point.
      I'm going there again soon.. will try to get it this time.


  3. Hi,

    Do you mind getting some contact of the few shops that sell Kaws in In's Point? I'm looking for a few but I'm not going to HK anytime soon.


  4. Hi Kev! I didn't get their contact infos but there are a couple at the 2nd and third level of In's Point.

    Also try to go to Superman toys at CTMA Mongkok.

  5. Hi,

    Can I ask which store has a more vintage lego set, coz I,m vintage lego collector. And there all shop have receive payment credit card? Or only cash payment?


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