Monday, January 30, 2012


Hello ARUBA! Thanks for dropping by.


Hello FAROE ISLANDS! Thanks for dropping by.

Laoag La Paz Sandboarding Competition | The First of Its Kind

Inviting all board riders, extreme sports enthusiasts, the fashionable, and the care free. Practically everybody and anybody who wants to experience sand boarding!

LEAD Movement together with Havaianas and the City Government of Laoag is presenting the FIRST EVER SAND BOARDING COMPETITION IN THE PHILIPPINES.

The Laoag La Paz Sandboarding Competition is the first of its kind in the Philippines. Presented to you by the LEAD Movement, “the innovators of sandboarding in Ilocos” and Havaianas® in cooperation with the City Government of Laoag for the annual Pamulinawen Festival.

Saturday, February 11, 2011, 1:00 PM.
Havaianas kits will be given away to the first 50 registrants. FREE REGISTRATION. For inquiries and details check out the Ilocos Sand Boarding page on Facebook or contact LEAD Movement or Red Dot Boutque in Laoag.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Zik Headphones | Phillippe Starck x Parrot

Another collaboration between Phillipe Starck and Parrot - The New Parrot Zik Headphones.
“the earphones include a capacitive touch panel controlled by intuitive gestures: swiping upwards increases the volume while swiping downwards lowers it; swiping forward or backwards navigates through the track list.
the system also features active noise control, in which two microphones register the internal sound and two pick up external noise, which can then be isolated and cancelled. parrot’s ‘concert hall effect’ processing algorithm increases sound fidelity by mimicking the depth achieved by surround-sound input.
NFC (near field communication) -compatible, the headset syncs seamlessly with smartphones via bluetooth; and a bone conduction sensor detects jaw movement, optimizing sound for clearer calls when the user seems to be in the midst of a telephone conversation.
a motion detection sensor determines when the headset is raised and in use, in contrast to when it is removed or being worn around the neck. the device automatically activates bluetooth in the former circumstance and turns it off– as well as pauses music playback– in the second.”


Bonjour TOGO!

Hello TOGO! Thanks for dropping by.

Friday, January 13, 2012

BOTOTOY 100% Wood Figure

A sneakpeek of my BOTOTOY [Bot-O-Toy] Figure.

Big thanks to my friend Mady of Detalle for producing my wooden robot figure.

BOTOTOY will be launched early this year at Secret Fresh, RONAC Art Center.

18 inch BOTOTOY Figure

Wood packaging design

BOTOTOY comes in two sizes - Big [45cm] and Small [22.5cm]

The figure is made entirely of wood and has seven points of articulation. Head, arms, legs and feet are all detachable and interchangeable.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Army of Snipers at RONAC Art Center

The Army of Snipers crew [Aaron 'Angry Woebot' Martin, J-ryu and Ritzy Periwinkle] visited us in RONAC Art Center!

Aaron's painting session at Secret Fresh

Aaron also did a painting and a Munny for me

Red Angry Woebot Munny

Acrylic on Wood

I gave Aaron one of my 'Imagibation' Sculpture in exchange for the painting he did for me

Signed I Am Plastic Book 2

J-Ryu, Me, Vanj, Aaron, Bigboy and Ritzy

Friday, January 6, 2012

It's more fun in the Philippines

The Philippine government just launched its new brand campaign to attract visitors to the country with the slogan - "It's more fun in the Philippines"

I like the new campaign because these are just the exact words I hear from my foreign friends who visited and fell in-love with the Philippines.

"Our strategy is simple: while other countries invite you to observe, Filipinos can promise a more heartfelt and interesting experience. Wherever you go, whatever you do in the country, it's the Filipinos that will complete your vacation and will make your holiday unforgettable," - Secretary Jimenez

Come visit the Philippines and experience the meaning of "FUN"

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Army of Snipers Gives Back | An Art Show For A Cause

The Army Of Snipers [Aaron 'Angry Woebot' Martin, J-ryu and Ritzy Periwinkle] are now here in Manila!

The very talented trio will be painting live tomorrow January 5, 2012 at OPUS, Resorts World Manila for the benefit of our brothers and sisters affected by Typhoon Sendong.

Thank you for doing this guys!!

This art event is organized by Vinyl on Vinyl and OPUS
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