Friday, December 30, 2011

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Bottle | Absolut Vodka x Skogsberg & Smart

Abosolut Vodka at its finest..

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe - a limited edition bottle commissioned from Skogsberg & Smart, hand-crafted at Sweden’s oldest glassworks - Reijmyre

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe

Limited to 800 for the clear crystal bottle [$1,500] and 10 for the black edition [$10,000], each is signed by the artisan.

Absolut Crystal Pinstripe Black

Absolut super-premium vodkaInspired by the Savile Row pinstripe suit

 The luxurious bottle is packed in a pinstripe fabric wrapped chest and comes with a pair of matching glasses.

The Crystal bottle is already on sale at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport and will be out only at a few selected global retail outlets soon.

Lego Minifigures Series 1-5 Completed!

I've just completed the Lego Minifigures series 1-5!

 Acrylic case for my Minifigures

 Minifigures Series 1

  Minifigures Series 2 

  Minifigures Series3

  Minifigures Series 4

 Minifigures Series 5

Can't wait for series 6 and 7

Checkout the Lego Minifigures iPhone Game it will also serve as a checklist for your collection. 
get it here

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Official Trailer & Posters for Wrath of the Titans

Wrath of the Titans is an upcoming fantasy film and sequel to the 2010 film, Clash of the Titans.

Release date is scheduled for 30th of March, 2012. via IMDb

The official Wrath of the Titans poster


SYNOPSIS: A decade after his heroic defeat of the monstrous Kraken, Perseus—the demigod son of Zeus—is attempting to live a quieter life as a village fisherman and the sole parent to his 10-year old son, Helius. Meanwhile, a struggle for supremacy rages between the gods and the Titans. Dangerously weakened by humanity's lack of devotion, the gods are losing control of the imprisoned Titans and their ferocious leader, Kronos, father of the long-ruling brothers Zeus, Hades and Poseidon. The triumvirate had overthrown their powerful father long ago, leaving him to rot in the gloomy abyss of Tartarus, a dungeon that lies deep within the cavernous underworld. Perseus cannot ignore his true calling when Hades, along with Zeus' godly son, Ares (Edgar Ramírez), switch loyalty and make a deal with Kronos to capture Zeus. The Titans' strength grows stronger as Zeus' remaining godly powers are siphoned, and hell is unleashed on earth. Enlisting the help of the warrior Queen Andromeda (Rosamund Pike), Poseidon's demigod son, Argenor (Toby Kebbell), and fallen god Hephaestus (Bill Nighy), Perseus bravely embarks on a treacherous quest into the underworld to rescue Zeus, overthrow the Titans and save mankind.

Director: Jonathan Liebesman

Writers: Dan Mazeau (screenplay), David Johnson (screenplay), and 4 more credit

Stars: Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson and Rosamund Pike

Thrilla Manila! Mist x Tilt at Sceret Fresh Gallery | Photos

Thrilla Manila! Our favorite French Graffiti artists back in Manila! Mist and Tilt at Secret Fresh Gallery for their Two-Man Show.

The Philippine Ice Cream cart that Mist and Tilt customized

Photos during the opening night:

 Exhibited artworks:

 Reklamo Ng Reklamo, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
130 x 89 cm

Kulay Ng Pilipinas, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
48 x 36 cm

 Grandizer 2, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
80 x 80 cm

 Burger Machine, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
130 x 89 cm

 Burger Machine 2, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
60 x 92 cm

 Burger Machine 2, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
92 x 60 cm

 Mata Ng Bagyo, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
81 x 60 cm
 Grandizer, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
120 x 80 cm

 Tazmanyan Demonyo, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
50 x 50 cm

Pirata Sam, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
50 x 50 cm
Patrik Bituin, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
50 x 50 cm
 Kahoy Kahoy Tuka, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
50 x 50 cm
Spongha Bab, 2011
spray paint and acrylic
50 x 50 cm
More photos after the jump

SKEWED Chair | Arnold Austria x Detalle

The SKEWED Chair is one of the chair designs I did back in 2008.

My friend Mady Beldia of Detalle Furniture, helped construct the first prototype. Although this design exercise is not meant to address any practical or comfort needs, a slight adjustment in its backrest and seat-dimension will allow this piece to be used as a normal chair.

The skewed appearance only becomes obvious at certain angles or if placed side by side with other normal chairs. Taking photographs can also be quite tricky because the angles appear normal and congruent to the perspective angles.

 Skewed Chair

 Top View

Looks normal at this angle

with my Carpenter's Table

skew  (sky)
v. skewed, skew·ing, skews
1. To take an oblique course or direction.
2. To look obliquely or sideways.
1. To turn or place at an angle.
2. To give a bias to; distort.
1. Placed or turned to one side; asymmetrical.
2. Distorted or biased in meaning or effect.






Monday, December 26, 2011

Lego x Lord of the Rings

Great news to all LOTR fans, Lego is heading to Middle Earth!

Lego and Warner Bros. Consumer Products has announced a partnership and may soon be bringing out Lord of the Rings figures and play sets, coinciding with the release of The Hobbit Movie!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hello UGANDA! Thanks for dropping by.

Burger Bunny | Joe Ledbetter x Secret Fresh x The Loyal Subjects

Burger Bunny - One of Joe Ledbetter's Mutant Bunnies

Produced by The Loyal Subjects - The Wooden Burger Bunny figure is exclusive to Manila's Secret Fresh and will be launched at their store in RONAC Art Center on  January 22, 2012

This awesome event will be attended by Joe Ledbetter and the equally cool crew of TLS.

The 10" toy features removable/interchangeable burger elements and comes in a wooden box.

Limited to 50 pieces and will retail for $299

Burger Bunny Print

RONAC Art Center
Ortigas Avenue, North Green Hills,
San Juan City, M.M. Philippines
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