Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Nespresso Star Boutique | Champs Elysées

Visited the flagship Nespresso Star Boutique in Champs Elysées to look for my first Nespresso machine.

Luxurious and refined, that is what this store is telling you about their products. It's like entering a Chanel or an Hermes Store.

Virtual merchandising and the store design was executed really well. They made use of the branding in all corners of the store. The "N" logo is everywhere and they also used the coffee capsules as decorative element.

 outside the Nespresso Star Boutique

 Pixie cups display

 boxes of capsules

lower level of the store

 a lot of machines to choose from

there is also a chocolate pairing counter where you can combine your coffee selections with the right type of chocolate.

 free taste of the limited edition Onirio coffee

 accent wall made of coffee capsules

more machines

 and some more here

 Pixie collection

 The 2011 limited Onirio coffee

 got this display box for free

you may try any of the flavours at the Nespresso bar

 my loot

and my Nespresso Club Membership Card

Thank you to the very helpful Mr. Delvin Court Jean-Baptiste for assisting me


Nespresso Star Boutique
119 avenue des Champs Elysées, 
Nespresso Star Boutique, 75008 Paris
+33 8 00 55 52 53

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