Monday, May 16, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld x Coca Cola Light Box Set

Another collaboration between the two icons - Karl Lagerfeld and Coke.

The Karl Lagerfeld Coca Cola Light Box Set contains 3 bottles with unique designs - one with stripes, one with polka dots and one with stars.

The triangular box is also designed by Lagerfeld

Sold out in colette where I first searched for these Coke light bottles [got this 125th anniversary Coke bottle instead].

Found my set in Printemps where they are advertising the coke light ad all over the mall.

at 49 Euro for the boxed set

Untitled from Wallen McVolar on Vimeo.

Behind the Scenes Video 


  1. Hi. I'm Ivan from Malaysia and i'm a coca cola collector.
    I'm wondering if its still able to purchase this bottles ?

  2. Hi Ivan,

    Yes, they are still available at Printemps.

    Also try to go to colette's online Eshop [ ] they have new stocks of these limited edition bottles and sets of retro 125th coke bottles.



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