Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paul Budnitz Bicycles

Kidrobot founder, Paul Budnitz, has just launched his new line of city bikes.

These Beautiful Paul Budnitz Bicycles are made of titanium and components that will last a lifetime.
“I’m making the most elegant, lightest, and fastest city bicycles in the world. A bicycle as stylish as a vintage Austin-Martin, created with only the best parts and designed to look beautiful and last a lifetime.” - PB

Paul Budnitz Bicycles trademark Cantilever Frames™ ,U™ and Half-Crown™ forks are stunning — and are designed to optimize each bicycle's ride. The gentle split top-tube arc that characterizes all of our frames flexes in the right places, and is stiff in others. We make our own titanium seatposts, stems, and Speedbar™ handlebars. All of our proprietary Ti parts are handmade by Lynskey Performance in the USA, the world's top Titanium bicycle fabricator.

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