Monday, June 13, 2011

Market Bag | Officine904

Walking around the art district of Venice, my friend Sonny and I came across this super cool Leather bag store.

The Market Bag by Officine 904

The leather bag resembles the simplicity of your ordinary grocery bag but since its 100% calfskin, the smell, texture and quality instantly tells you that it's special.

Store front

Available in  two sizes and 22 different colours.

nicely displayed tubes

Sand coloured suede sides

Sample of the O'Bag


Market Bag with the shoulder strap 

nice tube packaging

so many colours to choose from ..

This table reminded me of ours in the office

a special weaved by hand edition of the Market Bag

rack for the smaller sized Market Bags

The very friendly Omar showing us the blue one

and modeling on how to carry the bag 

Sonny got the Tan [Cognac]

I got the black [Nero]

Market Bag metal plaque

189 Euro

 the bag also has a small metal Italian flag plaque inside

and a pouch hook

Market Bag | Officine904
located at:
San Polo 2587 | Calle del Tagiapiera, Venezia, Italy
Phone/Fax +39 041 8224023

look for:
Omar : +39 346 747 4390
Email :


  1. grrreat job ! I'm so happy to hear from you, this page really tells the natural warmth that Officine 904 puts into their products ! next time you can come to Tuscany in our studio and definitely we can have a glass of Chianti togheter ! ! ! Happy Market Bag to you !

  2. hallo guys ! I'm sorry to tell you that you've got to come back to I moved to a new shop I need a new good reportage !!!
    how's life by the way ? hope you're well.
    Arrivederci , Omar - Officine 904 Venezia

  3. Hi Omar,

    We're all good! I will send you an email later :)


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