Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Garlic Card

Invented by Herman Rasmuson and designed by Lisa Flodin - The Garlic Card is a wallet sized garlic grater made of plastic embossed with alternating letter Gs and Cs.

Swedish chef Herman Rasmuson one day took out a credit card and began rubbing a clove of garlic against the embossed lettering. Voila! In almost no time, he had turned the clove into a uniform paste. Then, fortuitously, he decided to wash the card (not wanting to fragrance his wallet with a permanent garlic aroma), and was amazed how easily the card cleaned with just a warm-water rinsing. From there, the concept for GarlicCard was born.

I first saw these cards in Sibler and thought they wer Pantone swatches ;)

Available in 8 colors








The Garlic Card is a perfect git for someone who loves cooking and who appreciates good design.

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