Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sanrio 50th Anniversary | Small Gift

SANRIO Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary with Popular Artists from Around the World 

 Here’s a sneak peek at some of the art pieces that will be in the Small Gift Los Angeles Art Show.
 Joe Ledbetter

 Gary Baseman

 Travis Louie

Brandi Milne
 Camilla d'Errico

 Buff Monster


 Luke Chueh



Eric Joyner

  3 custom 10” Mad*l’s
Hangyodon, Hello Kitty, and Badtz Maru
There will be two art exhibitions and a pop-up tour:

Small Gift Los Angeles
November 12-21, 2010
Event Location
Barker Hangar, 3021 Airport Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Small Gift Miami
December 2-5, 2010

Event Location
173 NW 23rd Street, Miami, FL 33127

Pop-up Tour
Click here for location details

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