Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Box Boy | Christian Tamondong

Limited to 40 pieces worldwide - Box Boy Figure by the very talented Filipino artist Christian Tamondong.

This retro looking 16 inch figure will be available exclusively at SECRETFRESH and will be released on December 18, 2010

"Box Boy, is about a deprived little boy, who wasn't able to do all he wanted while growing up, now confused on the path he’ll take on whether he is going to be happy or sad. He got the time of his life now and ready to fly." - CT

 Christian's original "Box Boy" painting

About the Artist

Filipino painter Christian Lacson Tamondong was born in Cavite, Philippines on March 27, 1976. He took up painting at the Institute of Fine Arts and Design at the Philippine Women's University.

A first encounter with Tamondong's works evokes a sense of enchantment for his intense colors at once beckon us to a world of playgrounds, the world of our childhood.

Tamondong's unique style appropriates the colors and forms of children's art. His paintings are characterized by strong, vibrant colors applied in their purest intensity. Intimations of innocent spontaneity appear through freely applied streaks of crayons and oil sticks and through casually controlled acrylic drippings and washes.

Tamondong's child-like style serves a double entendre: while the forms appear naive, his themes are thoughtful meditations on the exuberance of life. His art works have numerous admirers and buyers in the Philippines and Singapore. He is a member of the Anting-anting art group and has done exhibits locally and internationally. 

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