Monday, April 12, 2010

Penny Farthing | QU-AX

A must-have for every bicycle-fan! The QU-Ax Penny Farthing. This new version has all the modern safety standards - a combination of vintage styling with modern technology.

"This beautiful excuse to don an oversized hat is just the same as the Penny Farthing bicycles of yore, and is a brilliant way of getting around in style. The front wheel is a whopping 36 inches, while the rear wheel comes in at a slightly more reasonable 12 inches, giving you that classic elevated position associated with this most barmy of bikes. "

 The QU-Ax Penny Farthing

Durable steel frame, anti-slip pedals, brakes on the rear wheel and a saddle that has spring suspension for a smoother ride.
 A vintage version

More info of the QU-AX Penny Farthing

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