Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kidrobot x Marvel Labbit Mini Toy Series

A follow up on the 7-Inch Wolverine and Venom Labbit figures, Kidrobot and Marvel will soon be releasing these 2.5-Inch Labbit series.

Characters to collect: 
Doc Ock, Wolverine, Red Skull, Ghost Rider, Punisher, Dr. Doom, 
Loki, Deadpool, Galactus & Venom 

Labbit is a smoking, unshaven rabbit character created by pop artist Frank Kozik. Originally featured in Kozik's nineties rock poster art, Labbit and his signature butthole were adopted by Kidrobot in 2003. This beloved chain smoker is a born classic. But who cares. Labbit doesn't. Labbit is an exclusive Kidrobot brand.

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