Thursday, February 21, 2013

Muggs Are Shrinking!

My favorite Hasbro toyline is shrinking, from the regular size Mighty Muggs to Mini Muggs and now Micro Muggs?!

I have no problem with these new Micro Muggs but I'm hoping that Hasbro will still continue the regular sized ones.

Hasbro will soon be releasing two lines of Marvel Micro Muggs for 2013 - Iron Man &  The Avengers Assemble Animation Series.

1.75-inch Iron Man Micro Muggs comes individually blind-boxed and there are 24 unique figures to collect!

 12 of 24 Iron Man Micro Muggs
The Avengers Micro Muggs are sold in multi-packs and single-packs
[Captain America, Thor, Iron Man & The Hulk]

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