Saturday, June 2, 2012

Status Magazine | The Green Issue

STATUS Magazine June 2012: Green Issue Ft. Miranda Kerr

Our office Jagnus Design Studio is also featured in this issue. Thanks guys!

"We’re not mean. We’re green. The art team’s desks are decorated with potted plants (they really did shop for those themselves) to match the new tables. Our personal instagram accounts are bursting with #plantlife photos. We’ve been making mini “save the planet” campaigns in the magazine, and we also recently collaborated with A Liter of Light, an organization that recycles plastic bottles to provide light. So we thought, for this month of June, why not release our first ever Green issue? Yep, it’s our first, but we’re a young team after all. Call us a baby bloomer, why don’t you, and join the movement." - STATUS


 page 72 | Mastermind

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