Monday, October 3, 2011

Swatch Touch

Swatch Touch is the latest addition to the Swatch Family. The Digital watch has a touch screen LCD that will allow the user to perform a variety of functions.

"Swatch Touch 2011 models give touch-screen access to six digital functions: time (2 zones, t1 & t2), date, chrono, alarm, timer and beep. Users sweep through the functions with ease using finger-taps and sideways scrolls—no pushbuttons—and can activate the screen’s built-in backlight to assure readability under all conditions. Revealing Swiss-made quality throughout, Swatch Touch’s 2011 curved plastic glass display and coloured LCD present Arabic numerals in a big, stylish font designed to fit the shape of the watch. Ergonomic in every detail, the smooth integration of the watch head and strap makes Swatch Touch 2011 a real pleasure to wear."

The watches will be available in six colors – camouflage, pink, purple, black, white and turquoise

sc01 11 swatch touch PRshot Army Swatch Touch Watches
I personally like the Camo colorway

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