Saturday, January 8, 2011

Sunrise Buckets

One of the best chicken wings I've tasted. 

I love the original flavor [sweet and tangy with a bit of spicy kick]

I met the very friendly owners Abi and Bridget the first time I visited Sunrise Buckets [lucky me I got a lot of freebies].

Nice place, good service and great tasting food!

Mouthwatering Buffalo wings!

 Sunrise Buckets Signage

Disposable gloves [so you don't have to worry messing your hands]

Bone Collector

 Chicken wings come in metal buckets

 Complimentary Iced Tea that tastes sooo good!

 Surfboard bench

 Surfboard table

 Cozy interior of the place and it smells like you're in the beach

I'm addicted to buffalo wings ;)

 Complimentary coffee

 Menu board

Sunrise Buckets is located at
Madison Square Greenhills
Across ICA, Xavier School and Ash Creek Center.
(Madison Street corner Ortigas, North Greenhills San Juan)

Abi - 0917.8001278 / 0922.8154538 / 346.8397
Bridget - 0917.8105110 / DUO 2159946

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