Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bubu 1er + Dadada | Philippe Starck

Yay! The xO Starck stools I ordered are finally here.

The Bubu 1er Stool is one of the most versatile/functional stools available. It can be used as a storage bin, ice cooler, planter, and even as a small table to name a few. Available in a variety of solid colors, translucent, clear and metallic versions.

The Dadada is actually a rocking stool that is shaped like a horse saddle. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

3 Bubu 1ers [anthracite/light grey/medium grey]

Medium Grey Bubu 1er w/ the cool packaging

Stacked Starck Bubu Stools

 Open lid

Dadada Rocking Stool

Bubu [light grey] + Dadada [anthracite]

Philippe Starck Furniture and other xO products are distributed by Kuysen Enterprises, Inc

Special thanks to Ms. Nanet Bautista

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